We’ve never met someone who is fine with having bed bugs in their Garden Grove home. As you may know, reports of Garden Grove bed bugs have been on the rise. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home then you should call us today.

garden grove bed bugs

Bed bug bites are painful and cause itching and swelling! Call (714) 786-5500 for help with bed bugs!

Unlike ants, you can’t just ignore bed bugs. After bed bugs are in your home, they aren’t going to go away until a Garden Grove bed bug control professional removes them.

Bed bugs feed on humans, typically while they sleep. Bed bugs will pierce your skin with their sharp tongue . The bed bugs then cut through the flesh to find blood vessels for feeding. Bed bugs typically feed for 5 minutes before returning to their hiding spot.

Garden Grove Bed Bug Removal

It’s unlikely that you’ll find the bed bugs themselves Bed bugs are great at staying hidden. Bed bugs usually hide in the crevices of your bed. If you discover fecal spots on your bedding fabric then you probably have a bed bug infestation. Another way people discover bed bugs is if you wake up covered in lots of bites or are itching a lot.

If you suspect a bed bug problem, then you should not sleep in your home. Our Garden Grove pest control experts are able to answer your questions about bed bugs today. Call (714) 786-5500 today to obtain a hassle-free quote and schedule your appointment!